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SHENZHEN, September 03, 2013 – China Electronics GreatWall Energy (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter to be referred to as GreatWall Energy) held a press conference to announce the company milestone “GreatWall Satcon Inverter Global Installed Capacity break through 3GW”. The event was held at the Shenzhen Air International Hotel. Many experts in the Solar Energy industry, as well as, people from the media were invited to attend. Mr. Zhou Gengshen, the President of GreatWall Computer and the Chairman & President of GreatWall Energy, along with the GreatWall Energy management team joined the press conference.
Inverter global installed capacity break through 3GW
GreatWall Energy entered the solar inverter business in 2009. It was the strategic partner then of Satcon Technology Corporation, which was the 2nd largest global utility-scale inverter supplier and the No.1 supplier in North America. Resulting from the partnership with Satcon, cumulative production and sales reached over 2GW. GreatWall Energy inverters are chosen by leading businesses to be used in utility projects all over the world due to their environmental adaptability, performance efficiency and high reliability.
In 2013, Great Wall Energy has successfully acquired Satcon Technology Corporation’s quality assets. Also, global installed capacity broke through 3GW. This is a significant achievement for any Chinese inverter manufacturer; signifying company competitiveness and enhancing brand reliability in the global market.
GreatWall Energy Global strategic position, increase international market share
GreatWall Energy is the forefront enterprise of China Electronics Corporation (CEC), a World Top 500 Enterprise, in the field of new energy. Great Wall Energy strives to deliver integrated solutions for solar energy requirements; this includes product design, engineering, manufacturing, project installation and technical support. To date, customers from all parts of the world have trusted the brand and their products.
As announced by Mr. YoungChee Yu, Vice president of GreatWall Energy, the company has successfully acquired all tangible assets, intangible assets of Satcon Technology Corporation. These include trademarks, patents, proprietary technology, software, global certification qualification, manufacturing and test equipment, finished products and raw material inventory. Technical and sales staff from Satcon have also joined the GreatWall Energy family. With this acquisition of Satcon, GreatWall Energy further increases its capability to consistently provide high-quality products and services to customers. GreatWall Energy will establish both the “GreatWall” and “Satcon” brands. This is the company’s dual-brand development strategy to ensure that GreatWall Energy will continue to be a strong player in the competitive global inverter market.
During the conference, GreatWall Energy has signed cooperative contracts with well-chosen partners in the industry to continue to expand the company’s market share and visibility. SIC Taiwan will be the exclusive agent for supply parts and inverter products for the European, North American and Taiwanese markets.
After the conference, the industry experts, media and guests were invited to tour the GreatWall Energy plant in PingShan District, Shenzhen.
According to GreatWall Energy executives, the company is broadening its target; when previously, the sole focus was on the overseas market; now, it will focus on the development of both the domestic and international markets. GreatWall Energy will launch a complete portfolio of solar products; from utility-scale Inverters to medium, small and micro grade inverters. It will expand product utility scope from power plants to individual homes. Within the next 3-5 years, expect that GreatWall Energy will make history in the solar industry.


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