20MW 每 GCL Solar 每 XuZhou, Jiang Su Province, China

The XuZhou GCL 20MW PV Power Plant was connected to the grid and started operation less than three months after project kickoff due to strong project management and coordination between all parties involved. This was the first 20 MW grid integration project and the largest ground mounted PV plant in China to date, invested by GCL-Poly Energy Holding Limited and contracted by GCL Solar System Limited.

Six different types of ground bases and four different styles of rack mounting were used to accommodate the varied environmental conditions at the site. Of the 20 MW of solar modules covering 112 acres, 1.5 MW of modules were on single-axis trackers, 1 MW of modules were on dual-axis trackers, and the remaining 17.5 MW of modules were installed with a fixed tilt angle of 28 degrees. Traditionally, a 20 MW project such as this one at Xuzhou would use 40 units of 500 kW inverters. However, in consideration of the local solar resources and to widen the solar operating window, the array was slightly oversized and the final design was for 38 units.

This installation has resulted to a total savings of 7,550 tons of standard coal and a reduction of 20,155 tons of carbon emissions every year.


40 MW 每 Energy21 每 Czech Republic

52 PowerGate® Plus 500kW inverters, 13 sets 1MW PowerGate® Plus CE inverters, 4 CE PowerGate® Plus 250kW inverters and 670 smart combiners are operational across 15 solar power plants in the Czech Republic.

Previous experiences from projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia within the last 2 years have proved that Great Wall Energy products have the highest reliability and deliver maximum performance. Given the growth in demand for utility-scale inverters in the Czech Republic, new solar power plants in the region will continue to trust in Great Wall Energy to provide solar inverter products.

18 MW 每 Enfinity 每 Les M谷es, France

Great Wall Energy and Enfinity, one of the world*s leading photovoltaic (PV) solar energy development companies, partnered together to install ® 33 PowerGate® Plus 500 kW inverters for two power stations at one of France*s largest PV solar farms in Les M谷es, Alpes-Haute-Provence. The site is on a rolling hillside〞making for challenging topography〞approximately one hour north of Marseilles, 800 meters above sea level at a spot that receives more sunlight than any other place on the French mainland. The picturesque location provided a beautiful setting for the PV plant but also created concerns for the environmental and visual impact that created additional challenges.

The two power stations will produce approximately 26,000,000,000 kilowatt hours of power annually, the energy production equivalent to supply over 9,000 families. They will also reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 9,200 tons annually.

6.8 MW 每 Cupertino Electric 每 California, USA

This project is California*s Largest Utility-Owned Solar PV Plant. Cupertino Electric is one of the nation*s largest electric utilities serving nearly 14 million people in central, coastal and southern California. They launched a 250 MW solar initiative in to meet its renewable portfolio standards (RPS) goals. To help achieve these goals, Cupertino Electric worked with Great Wall Energy to construct a 6.77 MW solar farm to the utility*s specifications in Porterville, California under a very tight timeframe. Under normal circumstances, it would have taken five to six months to complete a project of this size and scope, but construction on this project was completed in an unprecedented 50 days.

10 units of PowerGate® Plus 500 kW inverters were used in this project. The Porterville systems are expected to generate more than 9.7 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in the first year of operation. This large-scale project will help this California utility generate enough power at its peak to serve 3,250 average California homes using clean natural resources.

5MW 每 CalRENEW-1 每 California, USA

CalRENEW-1 was the first utility-scale photovoltaic project connected to the California Independent System Operator's (CAISO) transmission grid under the state's Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS) program. Located in Mendota, California USA, on 50 acres of previously fallow farm land, this thin film, fixed mount installation was among the first large utility-scale projects of its kind in the world. Commercial operation began April 30, 2010.

5 units of 1 MW Prism® Platform® inverters provided the perfect solution to the project*s challenges. The Prism® Platform® streamlined installation at CalRENEW-1 because it comes factory-integrated with step-up transformers and power conversion electronics, allowing for a simple turnkey installation at the site. A sophisticated site controller with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) capability delivers interactive control to meet transmission level utility interconnection requirements. The same controller has alternative Power Factor Control capabilities suited for distribution level interconnection.

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