All solar photovoltaic inverters come with a standard 5-year warranty. From the date of purchase, the warranty service covers the main parts of the equipment, which include (but not limited to) :

•  Transformer£¨if provided by manufacturer£©
•  RDC and all electronic components
•  Fans
•  Combiner£¨without fuses£©
•  GFDI£¨without fuses£©
•  Cabinet
•  Gaskets and Seals
•  HMI & OIT
The Extended Warranty Plan can be purchased in one of 5-year blocks for a period of up to 20 years. Terms and Conditions will be the same as those applying to the Standard Inverter Warranty.

As part of the preventative maintenance plans, we will complete the items below which include (but not limited to) :

Semi-Annual Service Plan

•  Temperature Checks
•  Visual Inspection
•  Inverter Module Check
•  Condition Check
•  Maintenance Report

Annual Service Plan:

•  Check nuts, bolts, screws, and connectors for tightness and heat discoloration
•  Calibrate all electronic subsystems to the system specification;
•  Install and perform any engineering or field recommended modifications, including software upgrades

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